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Classical Wines was founded in the early 1980s as its search for quality, individual family vineyards in Spain coincided with the burst of artistic energy which typified the first decade of that country's reborn democracy. This was a soul-searching period in which renewed emphasis was given to the recuperation of viticultural traditions. Involved with key players from their formative stages, Classical Wines has played a pivotal role in developing style and encouraging the recommitment to natural expression.

The Romans nurtured the vitis vinifera into a growing family of locally adapted grape varieties as they pushed their Empire north and westwards. Centuries later, Cistercians and other medieval religious orders became experts in terroir and clonal selection. They avidly sought to optimize profit through wine quality, establishing pioneering viticultural enterprises from the Duero to the Rhine. By the year 1500, Europe had engendered a unified wine-growing industry unparalleled to this day.

The 'Classical' philosophy of wine is a universal one, focusing upon the cool river valleys and mountainside exposures originally cultivated by the legionaries and the monks. The extended growing seasons and mineral soils that gave rise to the noble grape varieties remain the best places in which to produce wines that express elegance, individuality and length. Such factors are timeless.

The pioneering portfolio of Classical Wines is internationally respected for its originality, consistency and value, and serves as an educational tool and standard of comparison for the wine industry.

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