Shock Me! ~ A New Dawn for Fino

Situated in Aguilar de la Frontera’s original power plant since 1922, Toro Albalá quickly gained a reputation for their ELECTRIC wines and Eléctrico was born as a brand. When ordering Fino in Córdoba one need only say “Shock Me!” (¡Dame un calambrazo!).


Well known in Spain is Toro Albalá’s 3 Fases (“Three-Phase”) light bulb bottle for Fino en Rama. For launch in the US, a 375ml twist-top bottle incorporating the light bulb image on the label has been introduced.

Eléctrico Fino en Rama has an average age of five years and offers subtle fruit and appetizing freshness as a pedestal for the complex pastry and brine notes produced by flor. The Pedro Ximénez must is capable of nurturing the flor yeast without the addition of alcohol.

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Eléctrico, Marqués de Poley Amontillado Viejísimo and Don PX Gran Reserva.

While the novel bottle will attract new customers to this increasingly popular style, it is Eléctrico’s balance and drinkability that will keep them coming back.

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