The very first entry in this blog recounted our commercial history, encompassing the ‘invention’ of the internet by Al Gore (see Wiki for the truth!). From its initiation in 1991, the World Wide Web now boasts one BILLION active websites. Classical Wines was an early driver on this information ‘super highway.’

In the 1980s TELEX (literally descendent of the telegraph, with ticker tape) was still the accepted international communications medium, and thus we stationed a clumsy piece of machinery in the upstairs bedroom that kept us awake nights as it pounded out its messages (that we were too excited to read to stay in bed). AT&T eventually digitalized the process with their EasyLink service, leading to our purchase of the first Apple computer to be rid of that noisy machine.

AT&T in Seattle came to us in late 1994 with an offer to help implement a ‘web page’ for our business, in exchange for its use as a demonstration and training tool. We agreed, participated in the design, and were on-line in the middle of 1995.

At that point, less than 15,000 websites existed in the world.

So we celebrate one more anniversary as the year comes to a close.

Congratulations also to our Seattle neighbor and 1995 web classmate, Amazon.Com !!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Author: shm

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