35 YEARS: A Brief History of (OUR) Time…

In 2019 we celebrate 35 years, a span of time that closely parallels the history of Spain’s wine renaissance. We refer to it as “Our Journey.”

Earlier posts in this series tell the tale:

The Journey Began

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Welcome to Our Journey

We are simultaneously celebrating ten years of Bonafide® Wine Estates, our second-generation portfolio. In 2009, our 25th Anniversary marked a resurgence of vinous transparency as The Great Recession had the positive effect of ending a period we called “Australia in Spain”—characterized by the pervasive predictability of press-driven, generally opaque and over-oaked wines that had ridden the tech boom into the new Millennium.

Bonafide® Wine Estates offered a vehicle for us to expose a new generation that reminded us very much of the honest and fresh wines we had joyously discovered in the early 1980s through mid-1990s. “Classical: Well-proportioned, harmonious, balanced, symmetrical, elegant.”



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